A New Chapter of My Life: Working Girl

As others are busy buying their graduation dress or just bumming off before graduation day, here I am, back to where it all began, and now, not only as an intern, but as a Junior Associate, finally!

I still can’t believe how it was so easy for me to get a job, without even applying for it. Well of course, I did work hard for this. I was an intern in this company for like 4 months, since November last year. And now, I’m finally employed at one of the top Auditing Firms in the Philippines, and so is around the globe.

So how was my first day, really? Nothing much to say. Funny because tomorrow, I will ask for a leave already, since it is our graduation orientation, and baccalaureate mass. Then on Monday, I will be absent again because it is my big day, my graduation day. Then, next, next week, I will ask for a leave again because we’re going to Boracay, with my ate and friends. Then, perhaps, if I will be granted a leave, again, I might go overseas.

Ha-ha! I’m just a newbie and all I wanted is a leave already! Hmmm.

Anyways, I’m still thankful for this opportunity. And today, my new journey, a new chapter of my life begins.


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