Hong Kong

hi there!

So I’ve always wanted to travel abroad with my buddies and that time finally came this month! We already planned about this trip way, way back. But after being employed at Deloitte, I never thought I would still be going there. haha! 

And just when I thought I wouldn’t be able to come, days before the flight, my manager approved my so-called vacation leave and hurray I can enjoy with my friends.

When I told my dad I’m going via taxi to the airport, he presented himself to fetch me instead. So my dad fetch me and went to the airport with me (somehow supportive dad this time). Yas! 


ready on board.

A groufie prior to getting inside the plane! Haha. This is it!

Girls groufie. And at least this one is my most favourite shot.

Finally after around an hour or so, touchdown HongKong! 


After arriving at Hong Kong International Airport, we’ve decided to take the bus instead of the MTR since we have so many baggage with us. 

We bought the octopus card and had it loaded. There are a lot of perks when using this one. First is you can use it to any mode of transportation there is in Hong Kong, bus and MTR, but of course, not taxi.

We had a hard time finding the hotel because the sign of the hotel around the corner was misleading! And it was even raining when we get there. Uffa. When we finally got to the hotel, unfortunately, we still cant go inside our hotel room so we decided to go outside first and eat something for lunch.

 And voila, we ended up eating noodles.


Next stop was to explore the hotel, the mall and other landmarks near the hotel. We ended up going here, which I forgot what it was called. Anyway, we weren’t able to enter because it was close during Sundays.

After an hour of roaming around the hotel’s vicinity, we went back and finally checked in our assigned room. And an elevator selfie is a must must must!

Since it was raining really hard, and the weather was so unpredictable, we just took the MTR and see where we can go.

Tsuen Wan West MTR station groufie, the station near L Hotel  
And so, all of our shots during Day 1 was spent mostly on the different stations there are in Hong Kong.

While searching for the Avenue of Stars, it started raining again so we stopped for a few minutes.

Finally Avenue of Stars

Will post my second day at HK soon and perhaps an update of this one. Hihi.

Love love,