30 Day Shred Workout


Lately, most of my friends are telling me that I gained a lot this year. I admit I find it a bit offensive and I easily get annoyed when people comment on my weight. But I’ve been really, really struggling on losing weight since I was a kid. Every summer I always ended up adding a kilo on the scale. And before I even knew it, I already am weighing 78 kg! WTF right? I’m on the obese level already. *cries in the corner* Although my co-workers likes my chubbiness a lot because they can just hug me whenever possible like I’m a human teddy bear or something, I on the other side, am stressing out on the numbers that our weighing scale shows me, and in return, I just ended up eating more…and more…and more.

I just realized that I’m being fatter and fatter day after day, months after months, so I finally decided to make a move. I downloaded a less than 30 minute video workout on Youtube hoping that even though I will just exercise for 30 minutes every single day, it can make a huge difference on my lifestyle. I know that I won’t lose weight fast but at least one kg per week (I’m feeling positive here!) is fine with me. You can check it put if you also want to exercise without hitting the gym and spending money working out for 2 hours a day! Just try searching on Youtube 30 Day Shred Workout by Jillian Michaels or try clicking this link http://youtu.be/1Pc-NizMgg8.

Screenshot of the video. 

Oh, and I just started my workout yesterday and today’s my second day. After 10 days, I will weigh in and tell my results afterwards. I must endure all the pain and stop my cravings for sweet foods, sodas, junkies, for a fitter and healthier me. On the brighter side, I am now cutting off having frappes on Starbucks, because I know it’s one of the factors why I easily gained weight that much. 
Will be back again after 10 days for my result.

Adios! Ciao! 🙂

– Abs


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