Elorde Boxing Gym 


So I posted two days ago about trying KFit and yes for the first time ever on a Saturday morning, I woke up feeling motivated to go to the gym because I wasn’t able to cancel my reservation last night. Hehe. 

What I like about going at the gym early is that there are just a number of people working out. When I got there, I approached the receptionist or whatever you call that in a gym (hehe, will update once I got to know what they are really called but for the meantime, I’ll refer to them as receptionist), has no idea at all what KFit is! She’s not aware how it works and all she knows is that only in their Makati branch has KFit partnership. Good thing though that she has also read that yesterday and I explained everything to her. Then finally she got a text message from her boss saying that I will be coming at 8 am for my session.

I was assigned to kuya Ian (yata), then he told me to do some stretching first and then run for 10 minutes. After the run, we already do the basic punches: jab, hook and uppercut. Swear that I already am sweating a lot and I’m starting to hate boxing, but I need to do what is needed to do. 

Overall, I liked boxing but I don’t think I can do boxing every single day just to lose weight! So I was thinking of doing boxing either every weekend or every after day.

~ Abs

(I wasn’t able to take some picture because I left my phone at home hehe)


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