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It’s been a while since I last posted something on this blog that is absolutely not related to getting fit and eventually didn’t even had the courage to finish what I started. Anyway, yes! I can’t wait to tell the exciting news of being deployed in Singapore for a month. Talk about being lucky to be selected as one of the representatives of my company.

What’s more exciting is that I’m going there with my dear friend whose name sounds similar to mine, hehe. We had lots of plans, tons of places to visit (which we hope we can really go to). 

Yes, I’ll update everyone after a few days. Hopefully and positively haha!





Elorde Boxing Gym 


So I posted two days ago about trying KFit and yes for the first time ever on a Saturday morning, I woke up feeling motivated to go to the gym because I wasn’t able to cancel my reservation last night. Hehe. 

What I like about going at the gym early is that there are just a number of people working out. When I got there, I approached the receptionist or whatever you call that in a gym (hehe, will update once I got to know what they are really called but for the meantime, I’ll refer to them as receptionist), has no idea at all what KFit is! She’s not aware how it works and all she knows is that only in their Makati branch has KFit partnership. Good thing though that she has also read that yesterday and I explained everything to her. Then finally she got a text message from her boss saying that I will be coming at 8 am for my session.

I was assigned to kuya Ian (yata), then he told me to do some stretching first and then run for 10 minutes. After the run, we already do the basic punches: jab, hook and uppercut. Swear that I already am sweating a lot and I’m starting to hate boxing, but I need to do what is needed to do. 

Overall, I liked boxing but I don’t think I can do boxing every single day just to lose weight! So I was thinking of doing boxing either every weekend or every after day.

~ Abs

(I wasn’t able to take some picture because I left my phone at home hehe)

KFit in the Philippines


Just three days ago, I posted about working out at home by following the 30 day shred challenge workout, but when KFit emailed me today that I can already download their application via google play or app store, I didn’t hesitate to download it immediately. 

Maybe you’ve already heard what KFit is, since they’ve been advertising it since last month on facebook. For the sake of those who are not aware what it is, here’s a brief background of KFit.

What is KFit?

KFit gets you into the best fitness studions, classes and gyms in your city. Get access to unlimited group fitness classes and activities with just one monthly membership. Transform your workouts. 

How do I get a KFit membership?

To become a Kfit member, all you need to do is sign up for the invite list at once uou receive an invitation to claim your account, you can register your personal details and purchase your monthly KFit membership either with a credit or debit card.

Yes! You read that right! You can have a complete and unlimited access to any partner studios of KFit! The catch is, you will only need to pay 999/monthly for your subscription and you can go to the gym anytime you want. The best part here is that you can also pay via debit card, which pretty much suits me since I don’t have a credit card and I don’t really have plans on getting one. 

I took screenshots of the app, which you will see below.  

 Above are the activites you can try out.

You can even browse classes per day depending on your preferred time slot. *Note: It is important to reserve a slot for this. You can reserve a slot for a maximum of 1 week. 

Google map showing all KFit partners in Metro Manila.

I already reserved slots till Thursday! 

Can’t wait to start my KFit journey! For this week I chose boxing first. The only downside I guess in this app is that you can only visit a certain gym up to 5 visits/month only. But that’s okay if you’re up for an adventure like me! HAHA. 

Will update everyone soon on my KFIt journey. 

~ Abs

Plan Eat Program

Hi! So after a week of trying to eat less but actually ended up eating more, I’ve decided to order on one of the healthy delivery foods out there in the Metro, the Plan:Eat Program. It’s actually a first time for me to do such thing, and I think I like it.

After searching for that perfect (I know I’m exaggerating a bit), affordable diet meal, I came across Plan:Eat. They offer a week supply of food for 1300 pesos inclusive of delivery charge! That’s around 260 pesos worth of meals a day. Quite a good catch, I say!

For today’s meal, I have the following:

  • Breakfast – red velvet and cream cheese muffin
  • AM Snack – one pc banana
  • Lunch – chicken alfredo pasta
  • PM Snack – maja blanca
  • Dinner – pork sriracha bbq w/ chopsuey and brown rice.

I’m so excited to eat healthy and choose Plan: Eat program. Although I’m not expecting results right away, at least, I know, somehow, something’s changing. Haha! 

I attached below a screenshot of their planned meals for this week:

So if in case any of you are interested to try out their program, I suggest you contact them as early as Wednesday or even today to inquire regarding the details of their meals. Don’t forget to check out their instagram. @planeat_program 

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Toodles! 💋💋💋