Plan Eat Program

Hi! So after a week of trying to eat less but actually ended up eating more, I’ve decided to order on one of the healthy delivery foods out there in the Metro, the Plan:Eat Program. It’s actually a first time for me to do such thing, and I think I like it.

After searching for that perfect (I know I’m exaggerating a bit), affordable diet meal, I came across Plan:Eat. They offer a week supply of food for 1300 pesos inclusive of delivery charge! That’s around 260 pesos worth of meals a day. Quite a good catch, I say!

For today’s meal, I have the following:

  • Breakfast – red velvet and cream cheese muffin
  • AM Snack – one pc banana
  • Lunch – chicken alfredo pasta
  • PM Snack – maja blanca
  • Dinner – pork sriracha bbq w/ chopsuey and brown rice.

I’m so excited to eat healthy and choose Plan: Eat program. Although I’m not expecting results right away, at least, I know, somehow, something’s changing. Haha! 

I attached below a screenshot of their planned meals for this week:

So if in case any of you are interested to try out their program, I suggest you contact them as early as Wednesday or even today to inquire regarding the details of their meals. Don’t forget to check out their instagram. @planeat_program 

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Toodles! 💋💋💋